2016 SymposiumPosted by Jan Asplund May 04, 2016 20:39:05
Scandinavian Gem Symposium 18 Juni 2016.

Location: ”Kulturkuben”, Östgötagatan 8 in Kisa, Sweden.

8.00 Open for registration.

9.00 Welcoming and Introduction. Conny Forsberg och Jan Asplund.

9.10 Sweden from Precambrian to modern gemology. Geology, mineralogy, chemistry, history and its importance for development of sciences. - Peter Lyckberg.

9.30 Building trust to gem market: Latvian experience. - Peters Brangulis.

10.00 Advanced Gemmological instruments by MAGI - Alberto Scarani och Mikko Åström.

10.15 Break, coffe, snacks and networking.

10.45 Crystalline Showcases. - John Koivula.

11.45 Commercial vs Precision Cut. - Conny Forsberg.

12.15 Lunch.

13.30 World Gem Foundation - Geoffrey Dominy.

13.50 On the History of the Science of Diamonds. - Jan Asplund.

14.20 The (R)Evolution of Synthetic and Treated Diamonds in the Gem Market: From Single Stones to Melee. - Thomas Hainschwang.

15.20 Break, coffe, snacks and networking.

16.00 Gem Pegmatites, formation, geology-mineralogy-gemology. Some observations from In situ studies on 5 continents. - Peter Lyckberg.

16.45 Round table talks on ethics and fair trade.

17.30 Finish - Conny Forsberg och Jan Asplund.

(Times mentioned are estimations and slighter changes to the program may occur)

Make your reservations at www.scangem.se

Sveriges Gemmologiska Riksförening - www.gemmologiska.se

MAGI – www.gemmoraman.com

World Gem Foundation - www.worldgemfoundation.com

Scandinavian Gem Academy - www.scandinaviangemacademy.com

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