2016 SymposiumPosted by Conny Forsberg Apr 17, 2015 14:19:18
Conny Forsberg and Jan Asplund two Swedish gemologists decided late 2014 it is time for Scandinavia to have its own conference regarding gemstones, jewelry and related subjects.

The general idea is to make the conference accessible not only to gemologists and other jewelry professionals but also to students of different associated fields.

For all attendants it will be a good opportunity to meet and make friends, learn and discuss the latest news about treatments, identification methodology as well as synthetics. For students it will also be a very good place to meet experienced industry people, be able to network and perhaps even find a mentor. "Oldtimers" and other experienced participants will get the chance to meet with the future gemologists, jewelers and goldsmiths and listen to their thoughts and ideas.

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