Asterism - Gems with a Star!

2018 SymposiumPosted by Jan Asplund Feb 06, 2018 20:26:44
During the 2018 symposium you will have the chance to buy your copy of the unique book "Asterism, gems with a Star" and get it signed by the author Martin Steinbach! Maritn is one of our speakers for the 2018 symposium and the massive book, 900 pages in A4 size, is a true one of a kind!

Here is just one of many praising reviews of the book: http://www.palagems.com/gem-news-2017-01#steinbach

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Scandinavian Gem Symposium

2018 SymposiumPosted by Jan Asplund Jan 18, 2018 20:00:48
Scandinavian Gem Symposium 2018 will start with speeches and presentations at "Kulturkuben" at Värgårdaskolan in Kisa, Sweden, Saturday the 15th of August and continue with workshops at Rimforsa Strand hotel Sunday the 10th.

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Martin P Steinbach

Speakers 2018Posted by Jan Asplund Jan 18, 2018 19:56:23

Mr Star-sapphire himself, Martin P. Steinbach, from Idar Oberstein in Germany. Martin Steinbach is a world renowned expert on gemstones with asterism and is the author of one of the most magnificent gemstone books in modern time, the impressive 900+ pages "Asterism, Gems with a star" and runs the site www.star-sapphires.com

Martin P. Steinbach graduated in 1982 from the German Gemological Association (DGemG) as a Gemologist and is a Fellow of the Gemological Association of West Germany (FGG), and he graduated as an „Accredited Gemologist“ (A.G.) in 1983 with the “Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences” (AIGS) in Bangkok, Thailand. In 1982 he received a Diploma as a Diamond-Expert with the DGemG in Idar-Oberstein.

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Scandinavian Gem Symposium 2018

AuditoriumPosted by Jan Asplund Jan 05, 2018 21:08:33
The next Scandinavian Gem Symposium will take place on the 25-26 August 2018. Location will be the same as 2017, Saturday at "Kulturkuben" at Värgårdaskolan in Kisa and Sunday at the hotel Rimforsa Strand.

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