Real, Genuine, Authentic?

Speakers 2018Posted by Jan Asplund Mar 30, 2018 23:57:53
Jan Asplunds presentation is entitled "Real, Genuine, Authentic? - Gemstones from mammals and postmodern challenges to gemmology".

Jan Asplund is together with Conny Forsberg organiser of the Scandinavian Gem Symposium and joint CEO of the Scandinavian Gem Academy.
Jan Asplund is a board member of the Swedish gemmological association, SGRF, and runs the site www.gemmologi.se.

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New dates for the 2018 symposium: 25-26 August!

2018 SymposiumPosted by Jan Asplund Mar 22, 2018 21:24:38
There is a new date for the 2018 Scandinavian Gem Symposium: 25-26th of August. Unfortunately we have had to make the decision to move the symposium to late August instead of early June.
Hopefully this does not interfere too much with your planned attendance at the symposium and we are grateful for any help we can get in spreading the new date!
Find more information and make your reservations at www.scangem.se !

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Registration open

Registration 2018Posted by Conny Forsberg Feb 08, 2018 23:19:54
This year we have choosen to do registration via a web form. When you have registered you will recieve an invoice within a few days. When payment is done in full your conference badge will be printed and a notification will be sent to your e-mail.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or call us. E-mail address as well as telephone numbers can be found at the registration page.

To get to the registration CLICK HERE

The registration form works equally well if reached by mobile phone, iPad or computer.

We are looking forward to meet you in Kisa coming June!

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Asterism - Gems with a Star!

2018 SymposiumPosted by Jan Asplund Feb 06, 2018 20:26:44
During the 2018 symposium you will have the chance to buy your copy of the unique book "Asterism, gems with a Star" and get it signed by the author Martin Steinbach! Maritn is one of our speakers for the 2018 symposium and the massive book, 900 pages in A4 size, is a true one of a kind!

Here is just one of many praising reviews of the book: http://www.palagems.com/gem-news-2017-01#steinbach

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