Round table talk

Topics 2016Posted by Conny Forsberg Sep 10, 2015 22:20:31
A round table talk on ethics, fair trade and sustainability in our industry will be held during the conference. Attendees that like to participate in the round table talks are welcome to apply for this by mailing us. Depending on participants the talks will be held in swedish or english.

Please apply by contacting us by e-mail HERE

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Diamonds; forever and ever-changing.

Topics 2016Posted by Jan Asplund Jul 07, 2015 19:01:27
Anyone working with diamonds needs to constanty update oneself on all aspects of the industry. New techniques for both the production and identification of synthetic diamonds and treatments is constantly developing, the standards for grading varies depending on who you ask and there is a need to evaluate the certificates issued by different labs. There is also a growing demand for ethical and environmentaly friendly produced diamonds and gemstones.

Topics concerning diamonds and related developments will be touched upon by several of our speakers. Synthetics will be more thoroughly discussed by Dr Thomas Hainschwang and there will be a presentation on how a national assay office may work not only for precious metals but also for the testing of diamonds and other precious stones by Peters Brangulis from the Latvian Assay Office.

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