World Gem Foundation

Sponsors 2016Posted by Conny Forsberg Apr 30, 2016 00:26:44
We are proud to announce the World Gem Foundation is now one of our main sponsors.

Visit the website to find out about their professional gemmology online courses.
Just click HERE

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Sponsors 2016Posted by Conny Forsberg Sep 07, 2015 21:52:49
We are proud to announce that the Scandinavian Gem Symposium 2016 is sponsored by gemmological instrument makers MAGI.

MAGI is run by two skilled gemmologists who combine their different specialities of programming and tech design into what is the industry leading modern gemmological instruments built for the sole purpose of gem identification.

Their first and most known tool was the Gemmo Raman-532 which today is accompanied by the GemmoFTIR and the GemmoSphere UV-VIS-NIR.

To visit their website, click HERE

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