SGRF is co-organising the Scandinavian Gem Symposium.

2016 SymposiumPosted by Jan Asplund Dec 14, 2015 09:39:05

The Scandinavian Gem Symposium was initiated by Conny Forsberg and Jan Asplund but with all posititve response and the growth of the concept a larger organisation was needed and to our pleasure the Swedish Gemmological Association, SGRF, is now official organiser of the Scandinavian Gem Symposium together with us.

We are all convinced that this will benefit all participants; speakers, sponsors, organisers and attendées both in ways of marketing of the conference as well as for creating and spreading gemological knowledge and beeing a networking hub for anyone in any gemstonerelated field in all of northern Europe.


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Open for registration!

2016 SymposiumPosted by Conny Forsberg Sep 14, 2015 00:03:09
Shop is now open for registration!

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24 hours to go...

2016 SymposiumPosted by Conny Forsberg Sep 13, 2015 00:15:23
...then registration opens HERE
Only 100 seats are open. 30 of the 100 seats are reserved for students of different disciplines of the trade.
So far three speakers are booked and their badges are ready.

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Symposium badges

2016 SymposiumPosted by Conny Forsberg Sep 11, 2015 22:30:40
Symposium badges for sponsors and speakers already printed. Want one with your name on it? Monday registration starts HERE
Anyone recognise background on badges?

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